Run concrete decorative flooring

Run concrete decorative flooring

Today, the use of concrete surfaces as a final and decorative surface in a variety of office, commercial, residential and open spaces and buildings has become very popular due to the possibility of creating different designs and colors on these surfaces.

Concrete concrete floors have the following advantages over other flooring:

1- The finished price is down

2- Uniformity of these types of surfaces and non-problems such as breaking and slipping

3-Ability to create beautiful and beautiful designs

4- Run High Speed

5- Durability and high life


Two methods of painting concrete floors are decorative

1-Use of mineral powder colors

Mineral colors, as they say, are naturally found in stone and extracted from mines. These colors are obtained by grinding minerals containing metal oxides such as iron oxide, chromium, and the like. Because of the limited diversity of color resources in this area, there is limited scope. These colors often include red

(red), blue, green, yellow, brown and black colors.

1 – 1 -Mixing powder colored with concrete

In this method, between 2% and 8% of the weight of the cement add color to the concrete before the run and mix in the mixer completely. Consider the gray color of Portland cement if you want to use bright colors like yellow. To get the desired color, add more percent than cement powder (about 8% cement weight), but for dark colors like black Fewer percentages will get the desired color (2 to 3 percent cement weight). Another parameter that affects the amount of color used is the particle size, in other words, the colored powder mesh. The higher the mesh the lower the consumption. Of course, it should be noted that the price of the color will also be higher. These colors are often supplied with a 400-450 mesh.

1 – 2 – Spraying colored powder on the surface of the concrete before it stops and hardens the concrete

In this method, because of the reduced consumption of paint and cost, and some other issues, the paint powder is not mixed with concrete, and only the surface of the concrete is sprinkled before the concrete is completely hardened.


Both methods have the following disadvantages.


1. Color powder can only be added to the concrete mixture or its surface prior to its application. Therefore, none of these methods are applicable to concrete or cement levels.
2. The colors obtained from these methods are fairly dead colors.
3. There is no way to create a variety of color schemes and designs on the surface.

2- Use of the colors of the penetrating ginseng

Acid stain is an example of an attacker’s color. Acid stain, penetrating into the concrete texture and reacting with the calcium on its surface, makes the concrete surface colorful. Therefore, the color of this material is caused by the reaction of Acid stain with the concrete surface. That’s why it’s completely wrong to use the color word for Acid stain. It is used to create decorative floors because it makes it easy to create designs on concrete.
This method does not have the disadvantages of previous methods and is the only way to stack the concrete surfaces whose endurance process is over. In this method, after the final fixation of the concrete and the course of 28 days, the concrete curing of acid stain is applied on the concrete surface.
The color and color range created depend on the type and quality of the concrete and concrete levels. The higher the concrete grade is, the better it is, the more concrete the concrete will be, the more color it will be. For this reason, the final color obtained from Acid stain is determined by its reaction to the concrete surface.

Two samples of concrete floor painted with Acid stain