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کترگاه اموزشی رنگ و رزینکترگاه اموزشی رنگ و رزین
کلاس های اموزشی کوپل شیمی سپاهانکلاس های اموزشی
رنگ‌ آمیزی با اسید استینرنگ‌ آمیزی با اسید استین
پروژه گلیزینگ کفپوش‌های بتنیپروژه گلیزینگ کفپوش‌های بتنی
ابگریز کنندهابگریز کننده
introduction of a company

Couple shimi Sepahan Company started its activities in 2013 with the aim of producing silicate base chemicals and eliminating the domestic production of these materials. With the expertise of the company, the company, for the first time in the country, has been producing silicate resins used in the paint industry (used in marine, industrial, oil and gas), as well as silane coupling agents (used in the adhesive industry, polymer , Composite and silicate insulators)

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کوپل شیمی سپاهان
شرکت کوپل شیمی سپاهان
Introducing some products
اسید استین بتن
Concrete Acid Stain

Acid stain is a colorant of concrete surfaces. It influences the concrete texture and reacts with calcium on its surface, causing concrete surfaces to become colored

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سخت کنننده
Liquid hardeners concrete floors

Hardeners and polishes of concrete surfaces are basic, colorless and clear water. With their high penetration power, these products penetrate deep into the texture of all types of building surfaces

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کوپل کننده سیلانی
Silane Coupling agents

The coupling agent is a compound that creates cross-links between the polymer chains and their networking, or creates a connection

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آبگریز کننده ها
Waterrepllent of building surfaces

Self-cleaning water-repellent surfaces with a mechanism similar to blue lotus leaves, in addition to repelling water from their surface, also have the ability to repel contaminants, including solid particles, organic liquids, and so on.

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دعوت به همکاری

Couple Shimi Sepahan Company invites all those who work in the field of flooring, concrete flooring and decorative coatings

کارگاه اموزشی

Participate in glazing workshops and staining of concrete floors with silicate primers and Acid Stain

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