workshops – کوپل شیمی سپاهان
آموزش ، سیلیکات ، گواهینامه ، مدرک بین المللی ، گلیزینگ ، کف سابی ، لقمه ساب ، بتن استامپی ، بتن دکوراتیو ، پرایمر سیلیکاتی ، اسید استین ، دوره آموزشی ، دانشگاه علمی و کاربردی ، سیلیکونات ، کوپل شیمی سپاهان ، آببندی ، آبگریزی ، فشار منفی ، سیلیکات ، سیلیکونات ، کف سازی ، نانو ، نانو سیلیکونی ، دکوراتیو ، کفسازی مدرن ، بتن براق
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Sepahan Chemistry Couple Courses

Conducting training classes on concrete floor glazing (creating shiny concrete floors, impermeable and hygienic) as well as familiarity with the colors of acid stain and how to paint concrete and concrete surfaces with these types of paints.

Couple Shimi Sepahan Company holds specialized and practical training classes in the field of modern concrete and decorative flooring and familiarity with the types of lithium-based hardening materials used in the glossy of concrete floors. Therefore, all contractors, civil engineering and architecture graduates, and those interested in flooring and decorative concrete can enroll in these courses.

course content
  • Familiarity with lithium-based concrete hardeners
    Introducing the role of penetrating silicate primers in sealing and preventing negative pressure on various building surfaces
    Learn how to glazing (polish and harden) concrete surfaces and modern concrete flooring in a practical way
    Familiarity with the principles of flooring and the types of morsels
    Introducing a variety of decorative concrete floors
    Familiarity with the colors of concrete acid stain
    Painting and creating designs on concrete and concrete surfaces with acid stain  in a practical way
کلاس های اموزشی کوپل شیمی سپاهان
برگزاری دوره های های آموزشی
دوره آموزشی رنگ آمیزی با اسید استین دوره آموزشی رنگ آمیزی با اسید استین گلیزینگ و آببندی
How to pay for the course:

50% of the course fee at the beginning of registration and the rest until the date of the course will be deposited in the account of Couple Shimi Sepahan Company. Send the deposit slip to the company by copying the national card and ID card by telegram or email or fax.

Training course

Course Venue: Isfahan                      Course Duration: 8 hours

End-of-course certificate:

The course certificate (Persian or English) will be sent to the students three months after the end of the workshop.
According to the consultations with the University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to issue international certificates from #IQS and #DNW institutions by obtaining the relevant fee at the discretion of the trainees.

For more information, please contact us.