Nano Silicone Waterproofing

Silicone Waterproofing COUPSYL® WRS

COUPSYL® WRS (Nano Silicone Waterproofing) is a water-based substance. This material has the potential to penetrate the surface of the building and can prevent the penetration of water and the formation of dandruff on a variety of building facades.

These materials can be used to waterproof a variety of building, wooden, and even metal and glass surfaces. Due to their high hydrophobicity, these materials also create self-cleaning properties on building facades.

آب گریز کننده wrs

Physical characteristics

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits of NR silicone water-repellent WRS include:

  • Penetration strength of 5 to 10 mm in concrete, plaster, brick and…
  • Water-based and non-toxic chemicals and petroleum solvents
  • Creating self-cleaning properties
  • Stable in different weather conditions
  • Very easy to run


The applications of NRS silicone water disinfectant include the following:

  • Anti-dandruff of concrete, all kinds of stones, from travertine to gemstone, marble, streaked granite, all kinds of bricks, all kinds of mosaics, etc.
  • Water-repellent concrete, cement, brick, wood and all building materials
  • Waterproofing of building facades, cement-brick brick and ceramic tiles
  • Anti-dust and anti-dusting of old concrete surfaces
  • Prevent the growth of fungi, mosses and lichens on the surface
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Methods and consumables

This product must be diluted 1 to 13 with distilled water before use. Then apply by pressure pump (spray pump) or brush on the surface. (See the file for instructions on using this product for more information.)

Dangers and limitations

Due to the hydrophobicity of the surfaces applied to them, the implementation of water-based coatings is not possible.

Maintenance method

Maintain in a container and in a sealed state in a dry and moderate environment at a temperature of 5-30 ° C. If this product is in contact with skin, rinse immediately with water. In case of swallowing refer to the doctor. This solution does not contain dangerous and non-flammable materials. Due to the reaction with metals in containers made of aluminum, copper, rice, zinc or galvanized containers.

Package and shipping

This product is provided in plastic barrels of 1 and 25 kg. Due to the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide by this material, this product must be kept in original containers and sealed.