Nano Acrylic coating

Nano Acrylic coating COUPCOAT® NAC

NAC or COUPCOAT®NAC acrylic coating is a glossy water-repellent coating with nanotechnology for a variety of building surfaces based on acrylic resins and as a base water. Due to the use of acrylic resins and special additives in this product, it is not yellowish at all and this product has a high cleaning ability.

پوشش اکریلیکی نانو

Benefits and features of this product

Features of NAC acrylic coating include:

  • To cover all types of building surfaces
  • Basic water and environmentally friendly
  • Completely colorless and shiny
  • Lack of yellowing and very high weather stability
  • Extremely anti-staining and cleaning
  • Proper abrasion resistance
  • High adhesion strength
  • Easy to run

Applications of this product

The applications of NAC acrylic coating are as follows:

  • This product creates a transparent layer on all types of building surfaces, creating shine, self-cleaning, impermeability and not creating dandruff on them.
  • Also, due to the washability of this coating and the excellent adhesion of this product, it can be used as a coating for all types of building surfaces, especially external surfaces such as building facades.
  • This product also covers cracks and roughness due to the creation of a layer on the surface. For this reason, in addition to being usable in the exterior of the building, it is also used in the interior of the building.

Consumption instructions

Step 1: Prepare and clean the surface from any contamination, grease, dandruff and dust
Step 2: Apply the product evenly on the desired surface with a brush, roller and…

Maintenance method

Avoid contact with eyes.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Store at a temperature between 10 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Package type

The glossy nano-coating product is marketed in 1-liter and 20-liter containers.