LS-SEALER is used to increase the impermeability, gloss and shine, sealing and dusting of all types of concrete surfaces (concrete, mosaic and hard concrete floors). It also plays an important role in beautifying the appearance of concrete. This product can easily and without the need to apply any new layer can greatly reduce the permeability by penetrating the concrete surface and reacting with it, and increases the gloss of the surface.

سیلر بتن ls-sealer

Physical and chemical characteristics

Features and benefits

Features and benefits of LS-SEALER:

  • One of the unique advantages and features of this product is its liquidity and high penetration power, which makes it possible to use all kinds of old and new concrete surfaces without the need to increase the thickness of the surface and no changes in color. And modified their appearance.
  • Lack of absorption of oil, water and easy cleaning of the surface
  • Colorless and very reasonably priced.
  • Prevent dust
  • Lack of slipperiness on the surface
  • Very easy to run at high speed
  • Create gloss for concrete surfaces


Uses and applications of LS-SEALER:

Due to the opaque and opaque colors of concrete and cement surfaces, as well as the presence of pores in these surfaces and the creation of dust, the use of this product on all types of concrete and cement flooring is recommended.

Also in automobile factories, parts manufacturing, food industry, dairy and related industries, packaging industry, petrochemical oil and gas industry, foundry industry, pipe rolling, heavy industry, power plants, slaughterhouses, cold stores, hospitals, landscaping, parking lots Flooring, concrete water and sewage pipes and so on

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Maintenance method

At a temperature of 10 to 35 ° C is maintained.

Packaging and shipping

This product is distributed in 1 kg and 4 kg containers and 20 kg gallons.