The dense and hardening liquid of COUPSYL® LS-DENSIFIER concrete surfaces is colorless, transparent and completely mineral.
This high-impact product penetrates deep into the texture of building surfaces while reacting with calcium and magnesium alloys in the texture of materials, blocking pores and capillaries, and preventing water or steam and oil from penetrating into the surface. It also absorbs calcium and lime compounds in the material, effectively making the surface anti-dandruff.

This product is also known in the market as liquid concrete hardener, concrete densifier, concrete compaction liquid and anti-dusting of concrete surfaces.

LS-DENSIFIER متراکم کننده بتن پایه لیتیومی

Physical and chemical characteristics

Features and benefits

LS-DENSIFIER features:

  • Fully absorbent and has high penetration strength in concrete (up to a depth of 20 mm)
  • Lack of layer formation and no increase in surface thickness
  • Failure to create blur and discoloration of the surface
  • Persistent durability
  • Lithium base and free lime absorption and dandruff control
  • Improving the abrasion resistance of concrete surfaces increasing the abrasion resistance by about 150% based on ASTM C1353
  • Water-based and non-oil-soluble (environmentally friendly)
  • unflamable
  • Concrete condenser booster

Uses and applications

LS-DENSIFIER uses include:

  • Reduce the permeability of concrete surfaces
  • Dust removal caused by abrasion of concrete surfaces
  • Suitable primer on concrete before applying paint layers such as paint and resistant epoxy and polyurethane coatings and even dandruff-sensitive building paints
  • Anti-dandruff and waterproof primer before concreting and repairing concrete
  • Anti-dust and anti-dusting of old concrete surfaces
  • Polishing and anti-dusting concrete floors with COUPSYL® LS-HARDENER
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Methods and tools of consumption

Step 1: Repair, prepare and clean the surface

Step 2: Spray the product on the surface so that the surface is well moistened and at the same time the liquid does not flow on the surface. (If necessary, you can spray twice on the surface and spread the material with a microfiber pad.)

This product can be applied to the surface by low pressure pump (spray pump) or brush without the need for dilution. How this primer is applied can vary depending on the final application of the concrete surface. (For more information, see the product instruction manual file)

Maintenance method

Store in the original container and sealed in a dry, low-light environment at a temperature of 10-30. C. If this product comes in contact with the skin, it should be washed off immediately with water. See your doctor if swallowed. This product does not contain dangerous volatile substances as well as non-flammable. Due to the reaction with metals, it should not be stored in aluminum, copper, brass, zinc or galvanized and even iron containers.

Packaging and transportation

This product is offered in 4 liter and 20 liter containers. Due to the absorption of carbon dioxide by this substance, it must be kept in original containers and sealed.