concrete acid stain COUPCOLOR®CAS – کوپل شیمی سپاهان
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concrete acid stain COUPCOLOR®CAS

concrete acid stain COUPCOLOR®CAS as a paint for concrete surfaces. This substance penetrates the concrete tissue and reacts with the calcium on its surface to cause the concrete surfaces to stain. As a result, the color of acid stain is created by the reaction of this material with the concrete surface. For this reason,acid stain is not scientifically classified as a dye.
The amount of paint and the color spectrum created depends on the type and quality of the concrete surface and the grade of concrete. The higher the grade of concrete, or in other words, the higher the amount of cement on the concrete surface, the higher the colorability. Therefore, the final color of acid stain is determined after its reaction with the concrete surface.

اسید استین بتن cas
  • Painting concrete surfaces
  • Creation of decorative concrete floors
  • Create different designs on concrete floors
Features and Benefits
  • Applicable on old concrete surfaces
  • Being water and having no solvents
  • unflamable
  • Permeability and texture component of concrete
  • High UV resistance

Step 1: Repair, prepare and clean the surface
Step 2: Spray CAS® COUPCOLOR paint on the surface
Surface washing
Run the clear on the surface
After performing the previous step and complete drying of the surface, the desired killer can be applied on the surface.
(For more information, see the instructions for using this product)

Maintenance method

Store in the original container and sealed in a dry, low-light environment at a temperature of 15-15 درجه C. If this product comes in contact with the skin, it should be washed off immediately with water. See your doctor if swallowed. This solution does not contain hazardous or flammable volatile substances. Due to the acidity of this product and reaction with metals, it should not be stored in iron, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc or galvanized containers.

Package and shipping

acid stain dyes are available in 1 kg and 5 kg plastic containers. These materials must be kept in original containers and sealed.

acid stain Chart

Green marble

Green Granite

olive green

Green Rangers

Brown leather

Autumn red



Hazelnut brown


Brown Opal