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Very simple, very effective penetrating silicate primers

Penetrating silicate primers

Penetrating silicate primers are in the form of water-base, colorless, transparent and completely mineral solution, which is known as penetrating primer in various types of mineral building surfaces such as cement and concrete, plaster, brick, mosaic, etc.

Its unique properties, low cost, health and safety, and the variety of its solutions with various properties and ease of use have led to the rapid use of these materials in many parts of the world to cover and protect various building surfaces. In Iran, access to high quality domestic production has been provided with the help of the country’s industries.


Technical report of COUPSYL® penetrable silicate primers

Penetrating silicate primers

A) Introduction and mechanism of action

Sepahan’s lithium-based primer chemicals are based on silicate, in the form of a water-base solution, colorless, transparent and completely mineral.
COUPSYL® primer is known as an penetrating primer in all types of mineral building surfaces such as cement and concrete, plaster, brick, mosaic, etc.

پروژه گلیزینگ کفپوش‌های بتنی با سخت کننده لیتیومی کوپسیل

Comparison of palishd concrete floors with other polymer flooring

Glazed concrete floors

The use of concrete due to its reasonable cost, high execution speed, durability and longevity and many other benefits for industrial and construction flooring such as floor of sheds, warehouses, factory production line, parking lots, repair shops and large workshops are very common. is. But ordinary concrete surfaces also have defects. Including:

The inherent permeability of concrete
Low abrasion resistance
Dust and dandruff
Lack of brightness and beauty of the surface

پرایمر متیل سیلیکات

Manufacture of zinc silicate primer with methyl silicate 40

Zinc silicate primers

Zinc silicate primers have excellent resistance to moisture, harsh environmental conditions, abrasion, impact and heat resistance continuously up to 400. C. Also, this type of primer can be used on all types of primers, from

For the production of silicate resin used in zinc-rich silicate primers, ethyl silicate 40 or methyl silicate 40 can be used as a raw material. In this article, the differences and characteristics of these two materials are compared and the steps of color production to Briefly described.


Introducing COUPSYL® WRS building facade waterproofing


Nanotechnology deals with different structures of matter that have dimensions of one billionth of a meter (10-9). This technology includes the ability to produce new materials, tools and systems by controlling molecular and atomic levels to use properties that appear at the desired levels.

Nano coatings, with the use of active nanoparticles and suitable functional groups in their structure, are able to show intelligent protective reactions against environmental stimuli. Nano waterproof coatings are also a class of protective coatings that have wide applications in various industries, including the construction industry, in order to protect building surfaces and reduce maintenance costs.

پروژه رنگ‌ آمیزی با رنگ اسید استین

Introducing the concrete acid stain colors

Concrete Acid Reactive Paint

Concrete is known as a versatile building material. One of the reasons for this is that while the concrete has a high internal resistance, it also has a low cost, but if needed, this outer surface can also get the necessary beauty by using different materials and techniques. Brought. The use of concrete as a completely decorative surface is a relatively modern practice, but to achieve the goal of more decorative style of flooring, facades and concrete products and due to the overlap of contrasting surfaces such as wood and concrete in modern spaces, decorative concrete surfaces, Especially decorative concrete floors have become one of the most common and popular types of flooring. Decorative concrete surfaces are the result of innovation, technology and beauty.

سیلر بتن سیلیکاتی ls-sealer

Introduction of COUPSYL® Lithium-base Concrete Hardeners

Lithium-based concrete hardeners

Lithium silicate primers in many cases have a unique aspect and cannot be replaced with other primers and coatings. Including the following:

Increased abrasion resistance, anti-dusting and glazing of concrete floors
Fully absorbent and non-increasing surface thickness
High penetration power
Controlling negative and positive pressure
Protection of epoxy and polyurethane layers by inhibiting negative pressure
Controlling dandruff in stone, brick, concrete and the like
Atmospheric chemical inhibition
Protection of historical monuments and ..