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Couple Shimi Sepahan Company started its activity in 2013 with the aim of producing silicate base chemicals and eliminating the domestic production of these materials. This company, using the experienced team, has been the first company in the country to produce silicate resins used in paint industry (used in marine, industrial, oil and gas), as well as silane couplings (used in adhesive industry, Polymer and silicate aerogels).


The research and development unit of the company has been working on increasing its product portfolio since 1394, and has grown its scope of activity in the field of building industry by producing silicate attacker primers for different levels of construction, such as views and floors.

In this regard, the Sepahan Joint-Stock Company, for the first time in the country, began to produce intrusive silicate primers. These primers have unique properties and properties, such as waterproofing, protection against environmental factors, resistance to negative pressure of water and preventing the formation of efflorescence for all kinds of brick, stone and gypsum facades, as well as luminosity and anti-dusting for concrete floors. They bring.

In 1395, the company also expanded its portfolio of products and for the first time in the country began to produce silicone water repellents and also acid stain.
Silicone water vaporizers are used to waterproofing various building surfaces, wooden, metal, glass and even a lot of polymeric coatings.
acid stain is also used to paint concrete surfaces.
Couple Shimi Sepahan Company was recognized as a knowledge base in 1395.

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Couple Shimi Sepahan Company is the first and most specialized unit producing silicate coatings and compounds in Iran