Single-part and two-part insulation – کوپل شیمی سپاهان
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Single-part and two-part insulation

Strap insulation is marketed in two parts, single and double. These products are suitable for laying kitchen floors, toilets and any surface such as roofs, terraces that are mosaic or tile, ceramic and stone.

عایق بندکشی
Applications of this product

Single-component and two-component insulation applications:

For sealing without the need to destroy structures in which the cause of moisture, voids (tiles, ceramics, stones and mosaics) over time, cracks or the use of acidic and chemical materials, rot of

bitumen isogum or improper implementation of moisture insulation
For fastening all kinds of tiles, ceramics, stones and mosaics used in facades and floor types

Features of this product

Features of single-component and two-component insulation:

Resistant to acidic detergents and games
One hundred percent sealing of the strap and the desired surface and more adhesion of tiles, stones or ceramics
Penetration into the depths of the structure
Durability and high durability
Antibacterial (antimicrobial) and anti-algae and surface antifreeze
Avoid dirt accumulation under tile, stone or ceramic surfaces as a result of bad odor
One hundred percent sealing without damage at the lowest cost

عایق بندکشی تک جزیی
عایق بند کشی تک جزیی و دو جزیی
عایق بندکشی دو جزیی
Consumption instructions

How to use sealing insulators:

  1. In the implementation of single-component, new or new damaged insulation insulation, add 200 ml of water to this product and mix well to obtain a uniform paste, then we do the binding.
  2. The final drying time is 24 hours after application, so that water is not spilled on the surface until the final drying.
  3. When performing double-component, new, or repaired damping insulation insulation, add the second component to the first component and mix well to obtain a uniform paste, then perform the damping.
  4. The final drying time is 24 hours after application, so that water is not spilled on the surface until the final drying.
  5. If the bandages are healthy, this solution is only used to counteract acid, increase chemical resistance and seal. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the straps, apply the liquid component in two steps on the straps. (Washable after 12 hours.)
Maintenance method

This product should be stored indoors and away from direct sunlight at a temperature of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Packaging and shipping

As mentioned, this product is offered to the market in two forms: single-part (weighing 400 grams) and two-part (weighing 700 grams).