Two-component restoration can

Two-component restoration can

Two-component concrete repair putty is used to repair old concrete, columns and concrete foundations, and to fill and repair any type of concrete. The above mortar has two components, powder and resin, which have good compressive and tensile strength and can be easily applied on all concrete surfaces, both internal and external, of buildings and structures.

The physical state of this product is as follows:

The two components of the liquid are milky
Powdery mildew
PH: 7
It has the ability to dissolve in water

Ready-to-use mortar, which consists of two components: sealing resins and cement-based powders. After application, it prevents the penetration of salts, water and moisture into the concrete and is suitable for sealing in concrete, resources and concrete pools.


Features and benefits

Features and Benefits of two-component restoration:

  • Ability to perform repair operations simultaneously
  • Severe reduction in cracking
  • High resistance to water penetration and atmospheric factors
  • High workability and flexibility
  • Appropriate chemical, compressive and abrasion resistance
  • Good adhesion to concrete surfaces, especially work surfaces


  • Repair and repair of all concrete structures, bridges and pools and water resources
  • Sealing the lower levels of tiling service buildings
  • Repairing superficial injuries such as cracks, fractures, porosity, abrasions
  • Create a smooth, seamless surface for a variety of views
  • Restoration of roughness and damage of stairs, facades, prefabricated parts, concrete water tanks, cement and asbestos and mosaic parts
  • Infrastructure of tiling operations or installation of coatings on them
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First, the two components of the product are thoroughly mixed. The bags are prepared and consumed one by one. It is best to use an electric mixer to mix and add water if needed.

The surface under the work should be completely clean and free of any dust and loose layers.

Maintenance method

10+ to 35+ ° C in temperature and away from direct sunlight and humidity and be kept frost.

Packaging and shipping

The packaging of this product is in two ways:

Two-component liquid: gallons of 4 kg and 20 kg

Powdery mildew: 10 kg and 25 kg bags (depending on customer’s order)